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Corporate Information

Welcome aboard New Bali Air, traditional Indonesian common man’s airline which provides you with one of the finest experiences across the skies. Our state-of-the-art high standards of service and reliability, efficient operations and focus on innovation has enabled us become one of the favourite domestic and international airline.

New Bali Air have taken a new strategy which will be focusing on domestic and regional routes, as the rapid rise of Middle-Eastern airlines in recent years with their access to advantaged sources of funding, advantaged location, large scale, and lower cost base (esp. lower fuel costs and taxes) is making many airlines, both in Asia and in the West, review their strategies and focus on routes where the competitive environment is more level and balanced. As a result, New Bali Air will refocus more on South, South-East, and Near-East Asia, with a few select narrow-body routes to the Middle-East.

With the tagline “common man’s airline”, New Bali Air reasserts its commitment to excel in airline service and be recognized as a world-class airline very soon. New Bali Air is planning to adopt a new and innovative business strategy in the light of rising fuel prices and changing international competitive environment through a 360 degree restructure of its entire strategy, organization, fleet and business model. It is redesign its route network to focus on higher yield, higher growth domestic and regional routes using new generation narrow body aircraft.

Now our fleet consists of 27 (twenty seven) aircraft in combination of PAX as well as Freighter. Among those aircraft; 1 (one) ATR 72-212 and 5 (five) ATR 72-600 turboprop short-haul aircraft, 4 (four) Dash 8-Q 300/400 aircraft; reputed for its exceptional reliability and passenger comfort, which are maintained to European standards, 9 (nine) Airbus A 320, 2 (two) Falcon 50 for VIP Charter, and 2 (two) Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft for VIP charter operation.

For transportation of cargo: 2 (two) Boeing 737-700, 1 (one) IL 76 TD and 1 (one) Tupolev TU 154. In addition to this we are in a process of acquiring Mi 8, Mi 17 (171), Ka 32 and Mi 26 helicopter.

The fleet is planning to expand soon with few more brand new Airbus A 320neo aircraft also wide body jet aircraft as we are expanding rapidly more domestic and international destinations.