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FTDS level “D” for Sale

  1. A 320 214/232 (S 23), (S24), manufactured by Thalles, Engine CFM 56-5B4-IAE V 2527-A5, YOM: 1999, Certification: ICAO 9625, Level VII, UK CAA, EASA, FAA. Contact for price.
  2. A 320 NEO & CEO, Manufactured by Accel Flight Simulator Co. Ltd., Engine: CFM LEAP 1A-26-SSP V01.02.00, YOM: 2018, Certification: ICAO, 9625 level VII, UK CAA, EASA, FAA. Contact for price.

A 320 Aircraft for Sale

A 320-214, YOM: 2012. A 320 214, YOM: 2012. A 320 214, YOM: 2012, total three (3) numbers for sale. Landing Gear: 30th Nov. 2020, Airframe Maintenance: 30th Nov. 2020. Last “C” check performed: 3rd October 2018, Engine Limited part Statement: 30th Nov 2020. Contact for price.

Baggage Information

Improper carriage of baggage can put one through a lot of inconvenience. Passengers are therefore advised to ensure their baggage is properly packed and tagged. The following tips will be handy:

  • Make sure you know your free checked baggage allowance.
  • Don’t pack any valuables in your checked baggage.
  • Any items over your allowance will be charged as excess baggage.
  • Label your bags correctly with your name and address and remove tags and labels left over from previous flights.
  • Make sure you know your hand baggage allowance and the latest restrictions on carriage of certain items in your hand baggage.
  • Make sure you take medication, important documents, valuable items and cash in your hand baggage.
  • Do not carry packages with unidentified contents on behalf of other people.
  • Do not accept any packets from unknown persons.
  • Make sure you declare before checking-in, if carrying any arms or explosive substances.
  • Concealment is an offense under the Aircraft Act and Rules.

In-flight Seating

Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-700 is the most advance & reliable narrow body jet liner ever produced, with the blended winglets this air craft is more fuel efficient than any other of the same class. Boeing 737-700 has a stunning range of traveling 5510 kilometers with full load and can carry up to 756-1,835 cu ft of cargo. New Bali Air’s Boeing 737-700 is configured in 126 seating capacity, with 12 business class and 112 economy class seats. The comfortable 33 inch seat pitch of economy class ensures utmost comfort for passengers & the 12 business class seats are configured with 45 inch

Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737-800 is a stretched version of the 737-700, and replaces the 737-400. The 737-800 delivers superior reliability, fuel efficiency and includes cutting edge technology of its class. The 737-800 seats 167 passengers in a two-class layout, or 183 in one class. Boeing 737-800 has a spectacular range of 5,400 kilometers with full load and can carry up to 1500 cubic ft of cargo. New Bali Air’s Boeing 737-800’s economy class are fitted with comfortable leather seats with 29-31 inch pitch to ensure utmost comfort for passengers, and 8 business class seats and 15 premium economy class seats with a comfortable 33-38 inch seat pitch to provide the best comfort to make the trip a comfortable one.

Bombardier Dash-8-Q300

The current fleet of New Bali Air is consisted of 2x Canadian-built Bombardier Dash-8-Q300 aircraft, each seating 50 passengers in an undivided single-class layout. All seats have a generous pitch of 32 inches and individual tray-tables in a 4-abeast seating arrangement (except Row 1 of 2 seats, D & F forming a club-seating with Row 2 D & F seats) across the cabin. The contoured overhead bins provide more than adequate space for cabin baggage and accommodates the individual reading lights and air conditioning control for every seat.The cabins of the aircraft are equipped with Noise & Vibration System (NVS) which minimizes noise down to just 75 dBA, making the flights quieter and more comfortable than other aircraft in its class. For optimum safety, the aircraft has as many as 5 emergency exits for quick and safe evacuation of passengers in the event of any emergency.



  • Check your itineraries for your flight number and flight schedule and make any ticket changes you need
  • Handle any special needs you might have before you get to the airport
  • Check to make sure the contact information we have of you is correct
  • Take care of your travel documents, and any important papers you might need well in advance
  • Collect your boarding pass and make sure to re-check your information
  • Listen closely to announcements at the airport, it might be important for you
  • Ask for a New Bali Air assistant for any special requirement
  • Make sure your baggage are tagged properly.



We strongly recommend coming earlier during peak travel times, such as holidays, because queue can be long. You are kindly being advised to report at Check-in desk 1 Hour (60 minutes, may change any time as per Govt. notification) before your flight schedule as the check-in counter is closed 45 (may change any time as per Govt. notification) minutes before the flight departure for domestic sector. For International flights you are advised to report to check-in counter 2 hour (120 Minutes, may change any time as per Govt. notification ) prior to you flight schedule, as the check-in counter is closed 1 hour (60 minutes, may change any time as per Govt. notification) before the flight departure.

Child: Age Limit 02-12 years

Traveling with infants and children can be a fun adventure! To keep your kid comfortable, we recommend bringing small “comfort” items in your carry-on bag, such as a child’s security blanket or favorite pillow and small snacks or milk or water. Fares are 50% of the adult fares for children and are entitled to have a seat. Taxes are same for Adult/Child. Infant: 02-2nd Birth Day. No seat entitlement. Provide with baby cot, baby meal, 10 Kilos baggage allowance. Fares are 15% of the adult fares.

Wheelchair Service

All New Bali Air airport offices have wheelchairs available for our customers on request. This service is extended to elderly passengers, passengers with disabilities, passengers with minor leg or foot injuries or any passenger whose mobility is hampered and would experience discomfort in boarding the flight in the usual manner.

Expectant mother

Women who are less than 28 weeks pregnant and are experiencing no complications during their pregnancy are accepted on board without a doctor approval. Provided they are more than 28 weeks and less than 32 weeks pregnant, a valid doctor approval (medical certicate) not more than 7 days old is requested. In case it is confirmed that the child birth would not occur within 4 weeks of the start of the journey, there are no medical obstacles for travelling by air. Expectant mothers whose babies are due to be born within 7 days before the flight or mothers, whose babies were born less than 7 days before the flight, cannot be accepted on board.

Unaccompanied Minor (UM Movements)

We know that caring for a child in an airport environment is not always easy and letting your kid to fly lone can be challenging for both the parents and the travelers. Children are 5 to 11 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or someone who is at least 18 years of age on the same aircraft are considered unaccompanied minors. For more details, kindlycontact our sales offices or nearest travel agent.